Arts For Illinois Relief Fund Eligible Artistic Categories

published: March 30, 2020

These are the eligible artistic categories for the Arts for Illinois Relief (AIRF) grant ONLY. These do not necessarily apply to 3Arts programs. 

For AIRF applicants, if you are an artist who spans multiple disciplines, pick the one that represents you the best and relates to your work samples.

  • Dance (dancer and/or choreographer)
  • Film & Media Arts (fiction film, doc film, video, web series, podcast, and/or any other digital art form that is stored or captured)
  • Interdisciplinary (incorporates at least one discipline outside of Visual Arts/Design)
  • Literary Arts (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction*, storytelling, or any other written art form; *creative non-fiction is distinguished from analytical, journalistic, technical, and scholarly/academic writing by its strong narrative literary quality as found in personal essays and memoirs.)
  • Music (composer, conductor, instrumentalist, and/or vocalists in any musical genre)
  • Teaching Arts (practicing artist-educators in any or a combination of disciplines: Dance, Film/Media Arts, Interdisciplinary, Literary Arts, Music, Theater, Visual Arts/Design)
  • Theater (actor, director, playwright, and/or lighting/set/costume design; includes solo performance/storytelling, standup/improv comedy performance, and/or spoken word performance; installation-based performance art should apply under Visual Arts/Design)
  • Visual Arts/Design (painting, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, textiles, public art, photography, architecture, fashion design, industrial design, mixed media, installation-based lighting design, installation-based sound design, installation-based performance art, any other installation-based practices.


Arts for Illinois Relief Fund FAQ Eligible Artistic Categories

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