Keeley "KYZ" Morris headshot

Keeley "KYZ" Morris

Dancer, Choreographer, Teaching Artist
2021 Make a Wave

Keeley “KYZ” Morris is a dancer, choreographer, actress, and teacher. With more than 15 years of experience, Keeley has worked professionally as a SAG performer and with local creatives aiming to enrich Chicago communities. In recent years, Keeley has shifted focus to community outreach and development, founding a youth dance program in Chicago Public Schools called “CreatIV Scope” and teaching House Funk at Textured Dance Studio.

Keeley wishes to explore the relationship between movement and health, with a focus on inner engineering and recovery from addictive patterns that harm the body. Inspired by collaborations with local ensembles such as Mandala South Asian Performing Arts, Loud Bodies, and Egun Collective, Keeley works to change the narrative of commercialized dance styles and bring the celebration of soul healing through organic movement to the forefront. She’ll be choreographing Nikki Lynette’s upcoming work Get Out Alive, a musical that recounts a troubled artist’s recovery after a failed suicide attempt. This play made its debut at Steppenwolf Theatre and is set to return to the stage at the Den Theater in 2022.

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