Stephanie Garland aka Stef Skills headshot

Stephanie Garland aka Stef Skills

Street Art Muralist & Educator
2022 Make A Wave
Visual Arts

Stef Skills is an artist, educator, and activist with a passion for public art. In her nearly 30-year career, she has established herself as a prominent female voice and leader in the local and international graffiti arts community. Stef’s public art and commissioned works can be found throughout Chicago as well as in New York, Pittsburgh, London, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Miami, Visalia (CA), Barcelona, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, where she has also held residencies and been a featured artist in gallery shows, panels, exhibitions, and festivals.

Stef’s artwork and impact have been featured in Graffiti Women (Abrams 2006), Heart & Soul (Younity 2008), History of American Graffiti (Harper Collins 2011), and as part of the Chicago Reader’s 2014 People Issue. She continues to develop work that combines street art elements with botanical illustration typical of her Costa Rican heritage.

Featured Artworks

  •  Stephanie Garland aka Stef Skills artwork
  •  Graffiti painted on wall shows woman with green hat and pink hair holding blue bird. Flowers fill the bottom of image.
  •  Graffiti painted on a wall with shapes that form waves, shells, and flowers.