December Artist News

published: Nov. 30, 2020
None Taiko Legacy 17, image courtesy of Tatsu Aoki

TATSU AOKI (2010 3Arts Awardee)
On December 20, Tatsu is directing the 17th annual Taiko Legacy concert, livestreamed from the stage at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The year’s program will feature youth and adult community ensemble members alongside National Gintenkai Project performers and Chicago creative musicians.

KAREEM BANDEALY (2011 3Arts Awardee), ALLEN GILMORE (2015 3Arts/Denise & Gary Gardner Awardee), and BETHANY THOMAS (2019 3Arts/RH, Restoration Hardware Awardee)
From December 1–31, Goodman Theatre is presenting this Dickens classic as A Christmas Carol: audio play directed by Jessica Thebus. Kareem plays Jacob Marley, Allen Gilmore plays Abe and other roles, and Bethany plays the Ghost of Christmas Present. 

LAKSHA DANTRAN (2019 3Arts/HMS Fund Awardee)
From December 1-5, in celebration of the Diwali holiday, Mandala South Asian Performing Arts presents The Story of Ram, featuring Laksha among the performers. This virtual presentation is a modern, cross-cultural interpretation of the epic Ramayana, incorporating dance theater and music traditions from throughout South and Southeast Asia. 

EMJOY GAVINO (2020 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee)
Emjoy is cast in the online reading of Court Theatre’s production of Fen, as part of their Theatre & Thought series. “Employing astonishing theatrical imagery, Caryl Churchill’s Fen interrogates issues of gender, class, and exploitation with grace, humor, and anger.” The online reading will be viewable December 7–17.

BEN LAMAR GAY (2018 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee)
In 2017 Ben performed a live score composed with Paul Giallorenzo for a screening of the 1920 film, Within Our Gates, as part of Comfort Station’s “Silent Films and Loud Music” series. On December 1, for the 100th anniversary of the film’s release, Homeroom presents a livestream of the film and the recorded score.

AYAKO KATO (2016 3Arts/Reva & David Logan Foundation Awardee) and MABEL KWAN (2017 3Arts/RH, Restoration Hardware Awardee)
On December 10, viewers can watch the premiere of a recorded dance and piano performance by Ayako and Mabel in Millennium Park earlier this fall. Entitled “Movement in a Time of Stillness,” the piece is part of the public programming for Edra Soto’s current installation in the park’s Boeing Plaza.

KRIS LENZO (2015 3Arts/David Pinkerton Awardee) & GINGER LANE (2017 3Arts Community Awardee)
As part of this year’s CounterBalance concert program, Kris and Ginger were guest speakers on a panel entitled “Disability, Dance, and Chicago: The History and Future of Integrated Movement in the Second City.” A recording of that panel discussion is available on Momenta Dance’s YouTube channel. 

DAMON LOCKS (2019 3Arts/Reva & David Logan Foundation Awardee)
On December 8, Damon performs a set for the Gray Center for Arts & Inquiry’s “Gray Sound” series, described as “a chance for artists and the broader community to tease the boundaries of sound—when it moves from voice to music, from a recognizable tune to noise.”

NICOLE MITCHELL (2011 3Arts Awardee)
On December 15, Nicole presents a reimagined recording of Inescapable Spiral Remote, a work originally commissioned by International Contemporary Ensemble in 2017. As described by Nicole: “There are a few possible ways that celestial bodies can orbit the Earth. One is called the ‘spiral impact’ orbit, in which it is inevitable for one celestial body to be pulled towards the greater object in an ‘inescapable spiral’ until they ultimately collide.” 

TANYA SARACHO (2009 3Arts Awardee)
Tanya was recently featured in a New York Times interview about the Untitled Latinx Project, an initiative she and others launched in October to demand change in Hollywood. “Our stories are important, and our erasure onscreen contributes to the persistent prejudice that prevents real change in this country.”

ELGIN BOKARI T. SMITH (2018 3Arts/Denise & Gary Gardner Awardee)
On December 5, Elgin and collaborators present Virtual Pocket Con 2020, an online comics convention that celebrates people of color. Going virtual for the first time, this year’s Pocket Con is a partnership with Chicago Public Library, Free Write Art + Literacy, and Elgin’s own LOKari Productions.  

DORIAN SYLVAIN (2020 3Arts Community Awardee)
Dorian is one of four artists selected to be the city’s first Artists-in-Residence for Chicago’s INVEST South/West neighborhood program. As part of this pilot initiative, Dorian will create public art and site-specific cultural programs in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.


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