November Artist News

published: Oct. 29, 2020
Man with long hair, fur draped on shoulders, and a silver mask obscuring his face stands in front of a table with various computer equipment Image: "Native Builds a Computer" by Santiago X (2019 3Arts/Chandler Family Awardee)

Opening on November 7 (through January 2021), the group show The Long Dream at the Museum of Contemporary Art features work by thirteen 3Arts artists*. “Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and a renewed reckoning over racial justice and inequality, The Long Dream invites visitors to see the city of Chicago, the world, and themselves, through the eyes of more than 70 local artists whose work offers us ways to imagine a more equitable and interconnected world.” *3Arts exhibiting artists: Alberto Aguilar, Bethany Collins, Riva Lehrer, Damon Locks, Cheryl Pope, Darling Shear Squire, Andy Slater, Edra Soto, Rhonda Wheatley, Amanda Williams, Sadie Woods, Santiago X, Debra Yepa-Pappan

ALEJANDRO ACIERTO (2017 3Arts/Denise & Gary Gardner Awardee)
Opening November 2 (through January 2021), Alejandro is showing new work in the group show AFTER LIFE (we survive), presented online and on-site at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The exhibition responds to “the dire effects of environmental collapse, policing and surveillance, health disparities, and loss of homes and land on communities of color by exploring speculative and real modes of survival.”

BARAK ADÉ SOLEIL (2016 3Arts/Denise & Gary Gardner Awardee)
Barak was announced as a recipient of a 2020 Art Matters Grant, which awards $5,000 to individual artists and collective teams working in contemporary art and performance. 

TATSU AOKI (2010 3Arts Awardee)
On November 13, Tatsu will perform in Kioto Aoki & Tatsu Aoki’s Reduction Trio featuring Jamie Kempkers, a concert livestreamed by Experimental Sound Studio. The evening opens with Kioto Aoki’s solo taiko presentation followed by a Toyoakimoto duet (Tatsu Aoki & Kioto Aoki) and closes with Tatsu Aoki’s Reduction Trio featuring Jamie Kempkers.

On November 16, Regina presents “Exploring the Haiku Mind,” an hour of reading and writing poetry in honor of Poetry Month at the Chicago Public Library. 

AYAKO KATO (2016 3Arts/Reva & David Logan Foundation Awardee)
On November 13 and November 14, Ayako is among the performers at the Bridge Dance Festival curated by 2017 Make a Wave artist Rika Lin and presented at Links Hall. The festival program aims to showcase dancers who encompass a connection to their Asian heritage. 

RIVA LEHRER (2008 3Arts Awardee)
Riva is among twenty recipients of the Ford Foundation’s new Disability Futures Fellowship, which honors disabled artists, filmmakers, and journalists who “use the different lenses they carry, including their disability, to push thinking, foster imagination, and advance the cultural landscape.”

WILL LIVERMAN (2017 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee)
On November 21, Will is a featured vocalist in the Midwest premiere of this online staging of Kashchej The Immortal, presented by Chicago Opera Theater. The story: “Having found a means to cheat death, the evil Kashchej enslaves young maidens and gets his daughter to do the dirty work of killing those who come to their aid. However, it seems that his daughter is ready for change. Through compassion and love, an alliance is formed – and a great evil is destroyed.”

DAMON LOCKS (2019 3Arts/Reva & David Logan Foundation Awardee) and TOMEKA REID (2016 3Arts/Southwest Airlines Awardee) 
Damon and Tomeka are guest performers on Rob Mazurek’s new release, Dimensional Stardust (Nonesuch Records). “Tomeka Reid's funky cello plucks guide us into "The Careening Prism Within (Parable 43)," a track on which Mazurek recalls the blown out polyrhythms of his comrades in Tortoise, but contrasts head-nodding post-rock grooves with advanced chromatic counterpoint. Vocalist Damon Locks narrates through a three-minute frenzy that peaks with Jeff Parker's guitar solo.

NORMAN LONG (2011 3Arts Awardee) and ANDY SLATER (2018 3Arts/UIC Fellow)
On November 14
, Norman and Andy, along with 2017 Make a Wave artist Sara Zalek, are among ten artists presenting a program of virtual soundwalks in Chicago. This event will be an online screening and launch party hosted by the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MWSAE) designed to “emphasize a relationship with the natural and nonhuman world in Chicago.” All works will be posted following the event on MWSAE's Youtube channel.

CECIL MCDONALD JR. (2010 3Arts Awardee)
On November 15 (and continuing through March 2021), Cecil presents new work in a major solo exhibition entitled Cuts & Beats: Cecil McDonald Jr. at the Hyde Park Art Center. The title refers to Cecil’s most recent body of work in which “the artist subverts historical images, like publicity stills from Black artists in the Vaudeville and Minstrel era, by transforming them using techniques of photo collage, video, and performance combined with his own photographs.”

VERSHAWN SANDERS WARD (2013 3Arts/Southwest Airlines Awardee)
As founding artistic director of Red Clay Dance Company, Vershawn announced the exciting news that the organization is relocating to a newly developed space at Woodlawn Station beginning in late November or early December. The new location “a space of our own, to call home,” was part of the organization’s five-year strategic plan and includes two studios, dressing rooms, video and audio technology for livestreaming classes and events, along with administrative and storage space. 

ARAM HAN SIFUENTES (2016 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee)
For the 2020 election, Aram launched the second iteration of the Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for All Who Legally Can’t to bring attention to more than 28% of the population who are disenfranchised. As part of the project, she and collaborators (including fellow awardee William Estrada), created 50 Voting Kits for the Disenfranchised, which have been activated in areas around the country.  

CAULEEN SMITH (2013 3Arts/Lydia Yun Lee & Lisa Yun Lee Awardee)
At this year’s gala for the Studio Museum of Harlem, Cauleen was recognized as the recipient of the 2020 Joyce Alexander Wein Artist Prize, an annual award of $50,000 that honors the “artistic achievements of an African-American artist who demonstrates great innovation, promise, and creativity.” 

JUMAANE TAYLOR (2019 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee)
On November 7, Jumaane presents a work-in-progress showing of his new work, Ugly Flavors, via livestream from the Dance Center at Columbia College Chicago. As described by dance critic Lauren Warneck, "For Ugly Flavors, Taylor looks to two tracks known for their dissonance: “The Shape of Jazz to Come” by Ornette Coleman and Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring.” Taylor’s unparalleled ability to deconstruct and reconstruct complicated layers of rhythm—his sense of calm amid cacophony—to this critic, is the opposite of ugly. It’s just what dance needs right now." 

AMANDA WILLIAMS (2020 3Arts Next Level/Spare Room Awardee & 2014 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee
On November 6, Amanda opens a solo show of work from a new series called What black is this you say? at Rhona Hoffman Gallery. New watercolor, oil and mixed media paintings interrogate the complexities, variations, and degrees of difference in black as color and identity. The exhibition will be on view through December 19. Visitors can make viewing appointments at this link.

SANTIAGO X (2019 3Arts/Chandler Family Awardee)
As one of several international Indigenous artists invited to participate in Settlement, a commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower, Santiago X created the video piece, “Native Builds a Computer.” While the original Settlement project was supposed to be on-site in both England in the U.S., it’s now a virtual “Indigenous digital world-wide occupation” with all programs viewable for free at


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