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Jyl Fehrenkamp (Jyldo)

Dancer & Soft-Rock Siren
2021 Make a Wave

Jyl Fehrenkamp’s (Jyldo) creative work ranges from cardboard cut-out burlesque to sensual, seated aerobics.  She is the lead minister and founder of The Soft Rock Sanctuary, a Hall & Oates-inspired fellowship service co-created with musician Nicholas Pamela Davio. Jyldo continues to preach "the softness" by leading intimate moving meditations that are centered on body rolls paired with the breath.

She recently launched, Smooth Moves: Sundays with Jyldo, a dance fitness church “designed to protect your pelvic punchbowl and nourish your soul." Jyldo was the curator of Links Hall’s Poonie’s Cabaret from 2005-2012 and went on to create and host Battlestar Fantastica (an-out-of-this-world-variety show at the Chicago Metro, 2011-2013), and the David Bowie Variety Hour (aka The Bowie Showie) at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (2014), which celebrated the Chicago opening of the exhibit, David Bowie Is. Jyl has also taught yoga in Chicago for more than a decade and currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Dance Presenting Series at Columbia College Chicago. 

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  •  Jyl Fehrenkamp (Jyldo) artwork
  •  Jyl Fehrenkamp (Jyldo) artwork