Marvin Quijada headshot

Marvin Quijada

Graphic Designer & Mime
2021 Make a Wave
Visual Arts

Marvin Quijada (a.k.a. Silent Marvin) is an electronic music producer/composer, DJ, theatrical actor, and an award-winning clown/mime. His most recent music composition credit is Kid Prince & Pablo, which was performed at The Kennedy Center in 2019. He also forms one-half of the electronic clown duo, Sound + Fury, which garnered him a Best Performer Award by the Alliance of Latinx Theatre Artists in 2018. You can catch him in Teatro Vista’s upcoming production of The Dream King, which is his newest silent play.

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  •  Marvin Quijada artwork
  •  Marvin Quijada artwork
  •  Marvin Quijada artwork