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Jessica Hudson

2010 3Arts Awards
Teaching Arts

Jessica Hudson is a theatre-maker and teaching artist who has lived and worked in Chicago for 13 years. Hudson bridges different modes of performance in order to create new modes of performance. Her solo work blends the vocabularies of dance, theatre, photography (projected image), object (prop) construction and physical theatre; however, she is most happy in collaboration with others, both on the stage and in the classroom. On the stage, she has collaborated with 500 Clown, Peter Carpenter, the Neofuturists, Lucky Plush, the Chicago Kings, the Laboratory for the Development of Substitute Materials and most recently, Collaboraction's SketchbookX. In the classroom, Hudson is a teaching artist with CAPE, Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, and Hubbard Street Dance Center. She is also an independent artist on the Illinois Arts Council teaching artist roster.

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