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Marya Spont-Lemus

Writer, Interdisciplinary Artist, Informal Educator
2021 Make a Wave
Teaching Arts

Marya Spont-Lemus writes fiction and personal narratives, critically re-makes objects, and educates/facilitates/collaborates, often in public spaces. Marya co-created the FrankenToyMobile (an ¡Anímate! Studio project) and co-founded the Mobilize Creative Collaborative (MCC). In 2021, the MCC received a Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events Artist Response Program grant to produce “Mobilize! Creative Blocks, Collective Dreams,” a series of free, weeklong community gatherings co-designed with a team of artists and organizers.

Marya works as a teaching artist and interviews for Sixty Inches From Center. A resident of the McKinley Park neighborhood, she is active locally through Neighbors for Environmental Justice, Chicago Community Jail Support, and other efforts. Marya is a white U.S. American of Polish, Irish, and Swedish descent. She has a BA in Cinema and Media Studies (University of Chicago) and an MA in Art Education (Community track; University of Texas-Austin). The trainings through Chicago Freedom School, among other experiences, have significantly informed her ongoing work toward building a more just society, an intentionally anti-oppressive practice, and a less harmful life.

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