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Ashwaty Chennat

Movement Artist and Educator
2020 Make a Wave

Ashwaty Chennat is a movement artist and educator whose interdisciplinary and cultural exchange work sows seeds for empathy-building experiences. She is a principal artist with Mandala Arts, where she has choreographed contemporary dance rooted in South Asian forms and collaborated with some of her favorite Chicago souls. Ashwaty’s work has been presented at Chicago Symphony Center, Art Institute of Chicago, Pivot Arts Festival, Logan Center for the Arts, McCormick Place, and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. For the past three years, she has been working with jazz percussionist and composer, Alvin Cobb, Jr., to create a dance suite based in Black American and Carnatic music traditions. Their project centers mental health and its role in their childhood homes through non-verbal expression.

Featured Artworks

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  •  Ashwaty Chennat artwork
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  •  Ashwaty Chennat artwork