Leon DaVinci Kelsick headshot

Leon DaVinci Kelsick

Visual Arts

Leon “DaVinci” Kelsick was born in Vancouver and moved to the South Side of Chicago in the Hyde Park neighborhood at a young age. While growing up in Hyde Park he discovered his interest in art. In the high school days he got into a little trouble and that caused him to get expelled and had to change schools mid year. Once graduating from high-school, Leon worked multiple jobs and eventually stopped doing any kind of artwork for almost 2 years. Then while working at Rush Hospital, he slowly rediscovered his love for art. He used to draw on the walls in the locker room and coworkers would encourage him to do something with his talent. Fast forward 10 years and he started his own media company Mudwingmedia LLC which specializes in animation, illustration, and video. Leon DaVinci has over 10 years of experience in the creative field and Mudwingmedia has been in business for 5 years now. He is now the 2018 Artist In Residence at SAIC and will be creating his own animated series while at SAIC. Leon Davinci will also be teaching youth classes in animation in 2018. He is now turning Mudwingmedia into a full animation studio with the creation of "Block Zombies."

Leon DaVinci Kelsick has crowd-funded a project with 3AP