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My language is music. It has helped me discover who I am as an artist, connect with others, and cope with loss. With this campaign, I’m issuing A Call to Love that is at once a gift back to my community and a way for me to finally realize an artistic dream. For those who have followed my music, you know that completing a full-length album has always been an aspiration of mine. Last year, after experiencing the death of my father and step-mother, I turned to music and to my Chicago community to help me get through my grieving. Over the course of several jam sessions at The Hyde Park Record Store, my group and I created a collection of songs that helped express the feelings of loss, pain, and anger, as well as memories of joy. For the first time in my career, I am now taking the chance to raise the funding necessary to record these songs and share them with the world and the many people who helped me through that time. I believe our world needs this message of A Call to Love now more than ever. There is dark, light, and then there is love. Thank you for helping me bring these songs to others. 

About This Project

Grief is truly a difficult process but my Chicago community helped me get through that time in ways that I’d never felt before. It was as if Chicago was sending its love to me. All the phone calls, dinners, and jam sessions got me through the void you feel when a parent is missing and can never return.

The concept of writing a new record was not at the forefront of my mind until our group had to open for Marc De-Clive Lowe at Elastic Arts. The Hyde Park Record Store owner allowed our band to use his space for rehearsals. We loved it so much that we came up with the idea of jamming once a month. These jam sessions helped me to heal and be in a stable place.

The music created during this time was beautiful and powerful for us. Therefore, we decided that we should not be the only people to experience it. We began inviting our friends to listen and join in. After about four months we decided that we needed to record some of the tunes, which is where the idea for A Call to Love was born.

This campaign will essentially cover the cost of the studio recording so we can release the album digitally. If we can make that first target, then we hope to make our ultimate goal of raising additional funds to press the record on vinyl. By spring of 2018, we aim to have a record release party at Lumpen Radio station in Bridgeport, and an autograph signing at The Hyde Park Record Store. Key musicians on this album will be myself on vocals and keyboard; Adam Zanolini on bass, saxophone, and flute; Angel Elmore on clarinet and keyboards; Scottie McNiece on percussion and other “special guests.”

Thank yous

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Gira Dahnee

Gira Dahnee believes that music is a passageway to the metaphysical realm. Her EP Future Geechee (2015) merges the genres of jazz, rock, and electro-experimental. Her sultry alto voice takes listeners across lifetimes, reaching the purity of soul. She has …

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  • Update 1: We made our first goal of $3,000
    Posted on December 02, 2017


    I am writing to re-share great news!  I have raised the initial $3,000 dollars need to begin the recording of my A Call to Love album.  The 3,000 was an initial goal, the vinyl pressing itself will coast about 3,900. Any additional funds donated will help with this additional cost. 

    Thanks for making this dream come true!!


    Thanks for all you do. <3

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