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With CRIMEDROUGHT: The Solution, my goal is to use visual arts, photography, and streetwear as tools to highlight the possibility of a crime and gun violence free city through applying the philosophy and practices of restorative justice. This project stems from work I’ve done in some of Chicago’s most challenging public schools in which we helped produce significant reductions in suspensions, expulsions, and in-school arrests by building relationships and addressing root causes of classroom misbehavior. I want to expand this effort by organizing a pop-up gallery in downtown Chicago that will showcase artwork and apparel inspired by these projects and provide a platform for new work to be created and shared. 

About This Project

Since 2008, I have been creating streetwear brands and art that feature messages aimed at education and community transformation. A recent example is a tee from my brand, TRAP House Chicago, with the words “CRIME PAYS” on the front, paired on the back with a list of those whose livelihoods depend on the criminal justice system. Putting this tee in the hands of community members living in under-resourced, crime-ridden, and heavily-policed neighborhoods, and who are often victims of the criminal justice system, is a form of awareness-building for some, and validation for others about an economic system that depends on and benefits from failure and death. The “CRIME PAYS” tee often leads to conversations about the deep-rooted harm and issues that lead to modern crime and gun violence as well as actions to heal and combat the cycle.

Currently, acts of crime and gun violence in Chicago are met with harsh approaches that primarily seek only to punish. This often contributes to more harm than good for people in our communities. It leaves communities broken and root causes unaddressed, not making space for healing and reconciliation, which often leads to retaliation or other actions that keep the cycle of crime and violence going.

Like many in Chicago, I believe in the transformation of my city and the possibility of our communities being free of rampant crime and gun violence. As a restorative justice educator, I have learned that the most effective way—arguably the only way—to address and eliminate problems is to focus on their root causes. In addressing issues at their root, there are unforeseen lessons learned, opportunities for understanding and accountability that lead to unimagined healing, reconciliation, safety, strengthened relationships, and a deeper sense of community. When addressing issues at the root, “conflicts” transform into equal opportunities to build and strengthen community.

Addressing issues at the root shows a belief that the "offender" is OK, sane, right minded, and capable of growth, while creating space for the “victim’s” healing, validation, and closure. Addressing issues at the root acknowledges that there are/may be circumstances, factors, and/or lack of understandings that lead to the "wrong-doing," all of which can be addressed through a restorative lens. Addressing issues at their roots shows a true desire to understand and eliminate it.

This ain’t nothing new. People have been saying this for YEARS. I am sharing this message now through streetwear.

The main goal, and the reason behind this project, is to build awareness and help identify unified actions that will address root causes of crime and gun violence in Chicago (a #CRIMESTRIKE), which will then help lead to a crime and gun violence free Chicago (a #CRIMEDROUGHT).

With the successful funding of #CRIMEDROUGHT, I will have an opportunity to take this project to a new and larger platform by organizing a pop-up gallery in downtown Chicago. This will result in more exposure and greater impact for the communities I serve. I will produce a limited line of streetwear and prints, and use both as tools to spark deeper thought and dialogue about the root causes of, and solutions to, crime and gun violence in Chicago. Artwork will outline the traditional and current approaches to addressing “wrong-doing” along with their definitions, rationales, impacts, costs, and historical foundations. The pop-up gallery will situate this work in a highly-populated, downtown Chicago location, where community members, tourists, and everyday people can witness and be part of this conversation.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read about #CRIMEDROUGHT. Hopefully, you will financially march with me to bring this project to fruition. With your help I will be able to continue stretching the boundaries of restorative justice to make a great impact. Peace and blessings!

Thank yous

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    All of the above, plus your name recognized on the wall of Key Contributors at the CRIMEDROUGHT pop-up ($405.00 is tax deductible.)
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    All the above, plus a full-day Restorative Justice presentation and Peace Circle conducted by me for a group of up to 20 invited guests of your choosing (location, chairs, and guests transportation must be provided) ($500.00 is tax deductible.)

Mashaun Ali Hendricks

Mashaun Ali Hendricks is a restorative justice practitioner and visual artist. He is a result-oriented practitioner and educator in restorative justice philosophy and practices, specializing in providing training and professional development for youth services providers, including K - 12 teachers …

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