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In a Nutshell

This project fulfills a promise I made to a mentor and legendary musician, that I share the teachings of traditional 'ukulele strum patterns with generations to come. About 25 years ago while performing at the Hawaiian Inn Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, I had the honor of working with an entertainer who was one of the most naturally talented musicians I had ever met. He was an old Hawaiian man by the name of Kalani Kamae. When I saw him play `ukulele, I knew I had to learn from him. After having proved my worthiness, he finally accepted me as a student on the condition that I must find a way to share my gained knowledge with others--that I would need to teach traditional strums so that they may perpetuate.  I accepted that promise. And this project is about keeping that promise.

Over the course of the last seventeen years, I have taught over 3,000 students and have created the Power Strums 101™ Method based on traditional strum patterns. I have developed a curriculum that supports students’ paths in the receiving of new knowledge through maintaining the history and integrity of these strum patterns while reinforcing the repertoire of the south pacific.

I have continued to fine-tune the program before laying out audio strum tracks in the studio, chipping away at the project and studio costs as I go. Your support of this project is critical to its future developments. Your generous donation will help to fund the Power Strums 101™ Method and help me to package 108 audio strum tracks of the first four of fourteen Power Strums 101™ CD SeriesMost importantly, your contribution will help me to implement this rich program and make it available to the world.

The Full Story...

I have played `ukulele all my life, but I’ve spent half my life realizing the promise I made to my mentor and dear friend Kalani Kamae. This promise has been my inspiration for instilling within my students the greatest gift of all--the ability to play some crazy awesome traditional strum patterns with aloha, and from the heart.

I stumbled across the idea of developing a curriculum for `ukulele centered around the more traditional strums while researching a mele hula I was looking to choreograph. In listening to a variety of renditions of this mele hula by noted local Hawaiian artists, I noticed that their respective strum styles were very distinct from one another. Soon I began to recognize signatures within their playing that align with their family’s way of playing. The characteristics of their signature styles became clear as day.  This observation became my epiphany and answer to my calling. And as a percussionist, this could not have been a more perfect natural progression for me.  This powerful experience led me to create the Power Strums 101™ Method.

The discovery of one’s ability to sing freely while accompanying themselves on this fine instrument called an `ukulele…is life changing! And, it is not difficult to see that people throughout the world over have also come to the same resolve.

A life changing experience is something worth supporting. Mahalo nui loa for yours.

Thank yous

Contribute any amount or choose from the levels below.

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  • $50 - Power Strums 101™ Instructional `Ukulele Strum CD
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  • $100 - Power Strums 101™ & 201™ Instructional `Ukulele Strum CD’s
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  • $250 - All the above plus an 11”x17” Power Strums 101™ Traditional Hawaiian Vamp Chord Chart Poster
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  • $500 - Complete set of (4) Power Strums 101™, 201™, 301™, 301-2™ Instructional `Ukulele Strumming CD’s, and, 11”x17” Power Strums 101™ Traditional Hawaiian Vamp Chord Chart Poster
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Lanialoha is a native Hawaiian born and raised in the Chicago area and third generation descendant of the first Polynesians who migrated to the Midwest. Her Grandmother, understanding the dearth ...
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  • Lanialoha Lee, Please get in touch and let's record a Podcast on Chicago Acoustic Underground to support your important project. Peace, Michael Teach
    Michael Teach on Aug 10, 2014
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