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In a Nutshell

For the past five years I’ve been working with rhinestones to create mixed media artwork. Now, with this project, I am producing these pieces on a grander scale with much larger wooden panels. My rhinestone artwork is inspired by my attraction to diamond crowns and rhinestone jewelry. I would place rhinestones by the windows in my home and art studio, and the sunlight would shine on them so beautifully. It gave me a feeling of peace and tranquility like when one looks out at sparkling water in the ocean. Creating these compositions requires patience and a meticulous attention to detail. I work with rhinestones anywhere from the size of a dime to the size of a tiny seed bead. When natural or artificial light shines on the finished artwork, it brings happiness and peace to the room. Once these projects are completed, I am hoping to present them at an art fair in London. It is my sincere hope that with your support I will be able to complete this ambitious series of works the way I envision them.

The Full Story...

These rhinestone pieces are the product of my continued artistic development and draw from when I was a child, fascinated by the majestic fashion and jewelry designs worn by royal families. The outfits and adornments so fastidiously put together left a lasting impression of adoration for finely crafted works of art. While painting the extravagances of the European monarchy during graduate school, I began adding rhinestones in my work by sewing and gluing little sparkles on the canvas.

My appreciation of royal jewelry was once again brought to mind as I was looking over all the rhinestones I had gathered, including antique, vintage rhinestone jewelry, such as the brooches and earrings I had collected throughout the years. I thought, “how can I mimic the aesthetic resemblance of regal jewelry on a wall piece? How can I create a new original work honoring the shape and splendor of jewelry pieces one is accustomed to seeing?” That is when I decided to focus on creating rhinestones pieces that are inspired by the elaborate craftsmanship and beauty of royal bijouterie, but also true to my artistic authenticity. 

Since originating an initial smaller run of rhinestone pieces, I have shown them in two exhibits, one at the Slate Arts Gallery in Humboldt Park and at the Fulton Street Art Collective. My goal is to create a series of rhinestones pieces, the majority of them in larger formats, that will bring a peaceful and luxurious aesthetic to the viewer. 

Thank yous

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Maria was born in Santiago, Chile in 1981. Inspired by the arts as a young child, she would not let anything get in the way of her thirst for more ...
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