Therapeutic Braids

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In a Nutshell

As a professional braider and teacher in the African tradition, I am very passionate about this craft and how it can beautify and empower people. With this campaign, I am raising money to organize a workshop to teach the craft of African braiding to youth and adults using different materials. I will photograph the workshop and the works they create. I have taught many classes and students over the past 20 years, but I have never been able to document the process to share with more people. I want to raise awareness about the importance of traditional patterns in braiding and also help individuals learn to express themselves by finding their own interpretations of the craft. I believe in the therapeutic power of these traditions and want to give back to my community.

The Full Story...

I am a licensed braiding teacher, storyteller, community activist, and peace ambassador. With this workshop, I want to do many things.

Braiding is well-known to be relaxing, calming, and therapeutic. It’s now time to take the craft outside of the box. This project will give different materials to people to play with braiding patterns by learning and practicing. During the workshop, we will collect examples to document the process and compile a booklet of the finished photographs. The workshop will take place in an art studio in Chicago later this summer.

If this program is funded, I believe it will take children off the street. It will heal people by bringing peace to them and helping them feel that they count. To me that’s empowering. Thank you for helping me make this project happen.

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I’m a native African, first generation American citizen in Illinois. My nickname from my grandmother when I was younger was “little girl with golden hands.” I’ve been crafting since ...
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