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Ami Saraiya

2011 3Arts Awards

Ami is a veteran of the Chicago music scene.  Her songwriting is often described as magically surrealist in flavor and uniquely combining elements of chamber pop, blues, and gritty soul.  Before she released her first solo album, Archaeologist, Ami was the lead vocalist of pop collective Radiant Darling and R&B band Pelvic Delta, and has toured locally and regionally throughout the U.S.  A classically-trained pianist and a former music major at Indiana University, Ami also plays accordion and acoustic guitar. She currently performs live with her band, The Outcome, including Marc Piane (upright bass), Ronnie Kuller (violin), Gary Kalar, (electric guitar), Shirley Caen Rogiers (vocals), and Courtney Glascoe (vocals).  Ami and the band are in the process of recording a new album with famed producer/composer Mark Messing of Mucca Pazza/Maestro-matic productions that will be released in the spring of 2012 with a grandiose tour to follow.


Featured Artworks

  •  Ami plays a piano accordion outside. She sings soulfully with her fingers on the keys. Behind her are three people playing the xylophone and guitars. Two of them have funky patterned clothing which gives the image some color.
  •  Ami sings and performs in the center of a dimly lit image. Stage lights light the dark stage with varying colors (blues, yellows, purples). Beside her, two performers sing.
  •  Ami performs outside surrounded by band members. They hold different instruments and have large trees behind them.
  •  Ami performers outside surrounded by band members. In front of them is a small body of water and a listening crowd.
  •  In this portrait, Ami stands in the center of her bandmates. She wears a green dress which pops on the black chalk wall background. In front of her are two people sitting and two people stand to the side of her.

Ami Saraiya has crowd-funded a project with 3AP

  • Purging - Stop Animation

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    This project will help me collaborate with two visual artists to produce a companion stop-motion animation video for our new single "Purging." 

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