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Bridging continents, oceans, and centuries, I’m developing a new film that centers on queer, Black folx displaced by colonization and linked by speculative imaginings of joy and sexual freedom. My project, (Un)Imagined Lives, draws from Christina Sharpe’s monumental biographical journey, In the Wake: On Blackness and Being, and similarly seeks to redefine the cultural contributions of Black folx, our relationship to land, water, and voyage—the nebulous space connecting us to various continents in the wake of slavery. Through research in the rural American South and the southern French coastline, I hope to create a tender, exciting, and experimental filmic odyssey that connects us to the spirits once lost underneath the Atlantic Ocean.

About This Project

This project is deeply personal as well as broadly reflective of many untold and unexamined histories.

We rarely talk about gender, sexuality, queer-ness, and sexual proclivity when we speak about the Middle Passage. I’ve been struck by this idea. How many queer, trans and gender non-conforming Black folx drowned as they crossed the Atlantic? How many of my queer-kin haunt the Atlantics? I feel compelled to imagine what their un-imagined narratives were and are, bringing their un-imagined lives to the surface.

In 2023 I will embark on an artist residency at the Camargo Foundation in the south of France. Along that area’s coastline there are numerous enclaves, bathhouses, saunas, and watering holes, as well as a heavy infusion of North African immigrants. My family shares an entire unbroken generational lineage with the Berber people of Mali; that is, until slavery brought us to the United States.

Displaced from our land, I ended up growing up in the American South—Greensboro, North Carolina, to be exact—in an embattled locale of racial divides where Confederate flags flew freely across the street from my elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Over the last four years, I have returned to various regions throughout the American South to conduct ethnographic research collaboratively with other queer, Black, sex-positive folx. These collaborations utilize a multitude of art forms, including audio, film, photography, ceramics, and textiles, all specifically targeting the rest, leisure, and access to water that is denied to those living in the wake of slavery.

With my trip to Camargo, I can now add a new dimension of this work by incorporating parallel research and multimedia collaborations with queer, Black folx in this southern French corridor. I seek to metaphorically, and literally, connect my never-before-seen American South digital film work with new 16mm film taken during my Camargo residency to make a feature film that bridges continents, travels the distance over water, and synthesizes years of sexual exploration.

Currently titled (Un)Imagined Lives, the project combines my love of archives, sculpture, sound, film, and textile into an embodied installation that will be shown first in Chicago and then throughout the South, and ultimately France (with dreams of having an exhibition of this work in North Africa).

I seek support to produce, direct, edit, and share this project with the world. In (Un)Imagined Lives, our bodies and our histories slink into a liminal exploration of uninhibited sexual odyssey, an incantation to connect with the sexual spirits lost underneath the Atlantica multi-voiced monumental memoira story rarely, if ever told of Black sexual freedoms explored with care, joy, and authenticity.

STRETCH GOAL! Thanks to all of your support, we reached our initial goal of $5k in record time, which means we are now shooting for a bigger goal of raising $25,000 by World AIDS Day (December 1st)! We need to make this film project a reality. Please continue to support and share with others. Thank you for believing in the mission, the message, and the project. 

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Derrick Woods-Morrow

Gary & Denise Gardner Fund Awardee

Derrick Woods-Morrow's work is a meditation on deviation and disruption, on language and representation, and on growing up in the American South. Currently based in Chicago and originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, he explores through his artistic practice Black sexual …

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  • Update 1: Travel Journal Entry 1
    Posted on June 08, 2023
     Two smiley, Black folks, taking a selfie. Cliff recede in the background, as foliage wraps the edges of the photograph. Directly behind them sits a very blue body of water, the Mediterranean Ocean.


    Me (Derrick Woods-Morrow) with 3Arts Camargo Fellow, Keyierra Collins hiking the Massif des Calanques in Cassis, Fr.

    Dear (Un)Imagined Lives supporters,


    ça vaJ'espère que cet e-mail vous trouvera bien.

    How are you doing? I hope this e-mail finds you well!


    First and foremost, thank you to 3Arts for stewarding this amazing experience, and thank you to each and everyone of you for your support and generousity. The enrichment it serves my life, and this project, are important and immensely valuable.


    I am reaching out to let each of you know that I am currently in Cassis, and at the Camargo Foundation. So far I have been here for exactly two weeks and have visited the following places, and met with the following folks in the community:  


    1       La Cité des arts de le rue - Lieux Publics - (a cultural organization offering a place of creation and production, a shelter for artists who make public art, and community, the basis and subject of their creations). While there i was also able to see, Un dimanche aux Aygalades, which houses a botanical trail along a river where large public art interventions that engage the community are installed.

    2       Palais Longchamp, Château-d'eau de Marseille (Marseille water tower) and musée des beaux-arts. The architecture is a mix of influences with pagoda roofs, abyssinian griffins, roman columns, and the water is directly imported from the river La Durance about 70km. (there's an interesting history

    3       Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranéen (The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilization - currently housing 'Connectivities', an exhibition about the great port cities of the Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th centuries.

    4       Through the Camargo Foundation met with a young Algerian curator named Mael and discussed various aspects of the queer of color community in Marseille, including the Algerian War, and French Colonialization

    5       Eric Dehorter of PrioriTerre, who has lived in Marseille since childhood and who creates eco-documentaries about the region. Addtionally he has invaluable knowledge about ecological, trading routes and multicultural histories of Marseille and the surrounding region.  


    There are very few words to describe the opportunity to spend time here for the summer. I already feel very connected to region in various ways and my french is improving. The Camargo Foundation has been extremely generous in connecting me some really exciting scholars, artists and folx within the communty as well. I'll make sure to update you all on some of those dialogues as well, which will take me to various special archives in the area, and meet with migrants in the LGBTQ+ communities who are situated at the perpherials of French society, but whose ancestors built and created much of the institutions of this highly global city. Working on (Un)Imagined Lives has been generative in so many ways, and continues to energize me as I journey and challenge myself to rest, research, and enjoy the diversity of the region.


    Additionally, I am also very thankful to you for helping me exceed my intial stretch goal. With your support I will be able to stay in France until early August, and have begun to acquire professional equipment for the development of this work. As, I am still navigating the research phase here in the first few weeks, and will begin filming in mid-July. I am also hoping to partner with a non-profit to shoot some portions of the film in North Africa (TBA) - more on this later.


    You will receive updates and news as the project continues to develop. 


    Lastly, if you are in Chicago over the course of the summer, Gravity Pleasure Switchback, my first major solo exhibition, is open from May19th to August 5th at Gallery 400 (400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607).


    Please stay tuned while I am traveling and making work. I'll touch base again soon!


    meilleurs voeux,

    et avec un grand merci,


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