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The Veteran Arts Database (VAD) is a growing collection of interdisciplinary arts resources aimed to bridge the gap between professional level arts and the military connected community. Supporting this project will enable us to empower veterans working as artists and highlight the creative work that comes from their experiences and stories.  

About This Project

I first visited the National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) for their opening of the exhibition, Surrealism & War, on Memorial Day 2014. The entire exhibition featured artists that who had direct experience in conflict and war zones. It was the first time I heard about “Veteran Art” or “Veteran Artists.” This visit was such an impactful experience, from connecting to the stories shared through the artwork to recognizing my lack of understanding of military experience. How did I not know an institution like NVAM existed in the city I lived in? How did I not know that there have always been artists with prior military experience creating artwork? How was it, as a civilian, that I could feel so connected to the stories of these individual artists even though I had nothing close to those experiences?

That is the power of Veteran-created art, the power of storytelling, the power of change.

In the last several years, I have dedicated my professional career to studying military and veteran art history, volunteering with the veteran community, connecting civilians, military families, and veterans together around veteran created art and education. I felt very welcomed by the veteran art community as a civilian and the world of “Veteran Art” opened up for me. The veteran arts community is comprised of both veteran artists who created work directly about military service and artists who happened to have prior military service. Meeting veteran artists, veterans, military families, and other organizations and individuals that are also working to bridge the gap between the military and arts community together has been the absolute best part.

The Veteran Arts Database (VAD) is a collection of national arts organizations, grants, resources, collaboratives, cooperatives and artists connected to and serving the military community. This research project came together between myself and my collaborator, Marine Corps veteran, Giselle Futrell. We discovered an incredible opportunity to bring together our collective interests in building a resource for professional level artists that who are affiliated with the military. Both Giselle and I have worked with and for the veteran and military affiliated communities where the disconnect and divide between civilians and the military community has been evident.

The VAD is just the beginning of a collection that will work towards providing much needed research and distribution of financial resources to support military connected artists. Some questions that we are exploring through the development of the VAD are: how are veterans and their advocates engaging their communities? How are veterans influencing policy by serving as storytellers? How does veteran- created art bridge the gap between the experience of military service and its impact on the families and communities they come from?

Supporting the VAD campaign through 3AP, is an actionable way to empower the voices of military connected artists by providing sustainable opportunities, connections, and development. This project, which directly supports veterans as artists, gives an opportunity for a wider demographic of people coming from many communities to have interest in supporting this campaignsupport this work and community.

The VAD is expected to soft launch online in 2023, and will be shared to organizations and individuals to utilize as a shareable resource. The Veteran Arts Database will continue to be updated and open to collection and connection ofwith other arts resources available to the military community. Updates and discoveries will be made throughout the duration of the research collection from us!

[Images courtesy of the National Veterans Art Museum, Chicago, Illinois]

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  • Update 1: "It's been one week..."
    Posted on August 29, 2022


    Since the Veteran Arts Database (VAD) went live... and we are at 72%!!! We are filled with so much gratitude for the support and excitement around the possibilities VAD will open to our military-connected community!

    The warmest thank yous to the generosity of the supporters who have backed VAD financially through 3arts!!! Also thank you to the many more folks who have shared the project with families, friends, colleagues, and on all of their platforms! And thank you to all who have felt inspired to share stories and the impact the military community has on their lives. A wonderful reminder that we are much more connected than we know! 

    Much love to you all this Monday evening. More soon!

    <3 Moki and Giselle


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