The 3Arts Awards program supports our city’s most precious assets—artists. Annually, ten Chicago artists producing exceptional, distinctive work receive $25,000 awards to put to use according to their individual needs and priorities. They may wish to complete projects, purchase equipment, pay for child care, rent workspace, make health insurance payments, or take the time to focus on the development of new work—there are no strings attached.

The significant amount of the award reflects our organization’s desire to have a substantial impact. That impact stretches and deepens when others join our efforts. On behalf of the artists we serve, we are grateful for the extraordinary commitment of our Award Partners.

If you are interested in becoming an Award Partner, please contact us at 312-443-9621.


2017 Award Partners:


3Arts Community Award Donors

The Chandler Family  

 Denise & Gary Gardner

Esther Grisham Grimm & Heidi O'Neill

Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin

In honor of Samuel G. Roberson Jr.  

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Restoration Hardware


  • 2017

  • Alejandro T. Acierto (profile image) Alejandro T. Acierto Visual Artist & Musician Denise & Gary Gardner Awardee
  • Tirtza Even (profile image) Tirtza Even Experimental Video Documentary Maker Reva & David Logan Foundation Awardee
  • Ayriole Frost (profile image) Ayriole Frost Musician & Educator Samuel G. Roberson Jr. Awardee
  • Mabel Kwan (profile image) Mabel Kwan Pianist RH, Restoration Hardware Awardee
  • Ginger Lane (profile image) Ginger Lane Dancer & Choreographer Community Awardee
  • Will Liverman (profile image) Will Liverman Operatic Baritone Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee
  • Tara Mallen (profile image) Tara Mallen Actor, Director, Producer William Franklin Grisham Awardee
  • Marcela Munoz (profile image) Marcela Munoz Actor & Director Southwest Airlines Awardee
  • Juan-Carlos Perez (profile image) Juan-Carlos Perez Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator Chandler Family Awardee