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Benji Hart is an author, artist, and educator from Amherst, MA, living in Chicago. The writer behind the blog Radical Faggot, they have essays in the anthologies Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief (2017) and Taking Sides: Radical Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism (2015), both from AK Press. Their writing has been published by In These Times, Black Youth ProjectTruthout, and other feminist and abolitionist media.

They have taught voguing at BRIC House, the Chicago Cultural Center, and Black & Pink’s National Convening, and have led workshops on subjects ranging from trans liberation to prison abolition for Assata’s Daughters, Chicago Desi Youth Rising, and at the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. They have facilitated retreats and circlesfocused on organizational development and community buildingfor grassroots collectives such as Love & Protect and For the People Artists Collective.

Their original solo piece Dancer As Insurgent—which explores vogue as a form of radical resistance—has been performed for the Elements of Vogue exhibition opening at CA2M in Madrid (2017), INCITE!‘s conference Color of Violence (2015), and at Jane Addams Hull House (2015). They are currently drafting a second performance piece, World After This One, examining the myriad ways Black art forms rely on the tools of the present to imagine liberated futures.






Benji Hart is a Black, queer, femme artist and educator currently living in Chicago. They are the writer behind the blog Radical Faggot, and have essays featured in the anthologies Rebellious Mourning: Collective Works of Grief (2017) and Taking Sides: Radical Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism (2015), both from AK Press. Their writing has also been published in Truthout, Salon Magazine, Socialist Worker, and other feminist and abolitionist media.

While formally certified as an elementary educator, their teaching philosophy is grounded in popular education, and relies on art to inspire resistance and direct action. Their areas of expertise include the dance form vogue, spoken word poetry, trans history, and prison and police abolition. They have taught voguing to queer and trans youth at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Broadway Youth Center, and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. They have offered workshops on a range of political topics to such groups as Assata’s Daughters, Chicago Desi Youth Rising, For the People Artists Collective, and others.

Their original one-person piece Dancer As Insurgent–which explores the street dance style of vogue as a form of radical resistance–has been performed at conferences and universities across Chicago, such as Black & Pink’s National Gathering (2017), Creating Justice (2016), INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence’s conference Color of Violence 4 (2015), and Jane Adams Hull House (2015). Their poetry and spoken word have been featured at showcases and venues around the city.

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