Evidencia: New Music for Violin & Afro Latin Ensemble

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In a Nutshell

I am a jazz violinist who takes inspiration from my Afro-Latin heritage. Over the nearly two decades of leading the James Sanders’ Conjunto ensemble, our sound has largely focused on the work of other composers, encompassing both jazz standards and Afro Latin sources. Earlier this year I began writing original music for the group, feeling that this was a moment to create new sounds that draw on Chicago’s unique place in the jazz universe and my own particular background. With the pandemic, rehearsals and live performances came to a screeching halt. I continued to write, however, and various livestreaming platforms gave me the ability to work out these compositions. Now, with this campaign, we have the opportunity to document this music and get our ensemble playing together again. With your support, we will record these compositions as Evidencia: New Music for Violin & Afro Latin Ensemble.

The Full Story...

Born in Chicago, I am the product of a marriage between an American father and Afro-Dominican mother. I began my career as a jazz musician in the last part of the twentieth century. Early on, I knew I wanted to make music that drew on my lineage and traditions as an Afro-Latino. With that as my north star, I formed James Sanders’ Conjunto to explore the convergence of these forces.

The musicians involved with this project are Jose Rendon (conga), Luis Rosario (bongos), Steve Eisen (sax & flute), Jean-Christophe Leroy (drums), Jose Porcayo (bass), and Leandro López-Várady (arranger & pianist).

In the coming months I plan to get the ensemble in the studio to document the original new music written during the lockdown. The recording that we’ll produce will be the evidence, or evidencia, of our persistence. My hope is that we will emerge from this difficult time with something tangible and meaningful to our musical community: the continuing evolution of Latin jazz and my voice as a composer.

The musicians of Conjunto have seen their livelihoods affected severely by the pandemic, so I also have the well-being of my fellow artists in mind. This project will give them meaningful work and an opportunity to practice the craft that they, like myself, have dedicated their lives to.

Funds raised by this campaign will go toward the musicians' fees, studio costs, and video production. 

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James Sanders


Violinist James Sanders confidently crosses stylistic borders but stays true to both the jazz violin legacy and his rigorous classical training to create music that transcends categories yet remains faithful to its multiple inspirations, which include his Caribbean heritage. He …

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