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The goal of this campaign is to raise funds to exhibit the Tres Fridas project at Bridgeport Arts Center in Chicago during the month of September 2019. Tres Fridas is a collaboration between myself, Mariam Pare, and Tara Ahern. We are women and artists with disabilities who deeply relate to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. A few years ago we recreated Kahlo’s famous painting Dos Fridas featuring us sitting in our wheelchairs in order to share a message about the human experience of disability. The success of this piece led us to recreate other notable images of art and history that substitute the subjects with people with disabilities. We created these images to redress the way mainstream society views disability, to humanize it. We want to change perspectives and reveal to everyone who sees our exhibit how differences add value to our communities. We did this to create awareness and inclusivity. This project has given us the opportunity to meet and collaborate with many other artists with disabilities in Chicago and build a stronger community among us all. Now we have a full series and an opportunity to exhibit the work to a wider public. Funds raised through this campaign will be used to help cover gallery fees, printing and framing costs, installation, and ADA services to offer an inclusive experience to attendees of all abilities. Most importantly, this project is an opportunity for us to challenge and change perceptions about disability.

About This Project

I first met Mariam Pare online in 2013. Mariam is a mouth painter who was injured and paralyzed from the chest down from a gunshot. I was paralyzed in a car accident. Without ever meeting in person, we bonded through art, injury, and a deep connection to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Mariam and I often discussed how people with disabilities are not seen as equal and are defined as objects of inspiration, shame, fear, or pity. In 2014 we decided to recreate the painting Dos Fridas using photography, making our own costumes, and inserting ourselves in the image sitting in our wheelchairs. This was the first time we met in person even though we lived less than an hour away from one another.

It was important for our process and voice to include a photographer who was a woman with a disability as well. My long-time friend, photographer and disability advocate Tara Ahern, connected to the project through her own experience as a woman with muscular dystrophy and scoliosis, as well as a shared love of Frida. Soon all three of us began to recreate other iconic images in art and history. The collection includes recreations of such iconic works as Dos Fridas, Mona Lisa, Rosie the RiveterThe Last Supper, Whistler’s Mother, Old Guitarist, and others, all with the subjects as people with disabilities.

After working on this project for five years, with your support through this campaign, we are ready to exhibit our work in September 2019 at the Bridgeport Arts Center. 

Thank yous

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Reveca Torres

Chandler Family Awardee

Reveca Torres was paralyzed in a car accident as a teenager. After completing degrees in Fashion Design and Theatre Arts, Reveca worked as a costume designer and simultaneously with organizations doing disability work in health, advocacy, recreation, and peer support. …

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  • Update 1: One Week Left!!!
    Posted on July 21, 2019

    Dear friends we are just one week away from closing this campaign! Thank you to those who have donated or shared our project. Although we reached our initial goal, we continue to fundraise to help us, not only with our exhibition in September but also to fund out documentary film about this journey.


    Update 2: Please join us for Opening Night of Tres Fridas!
    Posted on August 26, 2019

    [image: red anatomical heart iluustration with sun beams coming out. Text reads: Tres Fridas Project Reimagining Art through the disability lens. A collaboration between Reveca Torres, Mariam Pare, and Tara Ahern. Follow @TresFridasProject This project is made possible with contributions from 3Arts and individual donors as part of a 3AP (3Arts Projects) campaign.]


    A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to Tres Fridas Project! Thank you! Thank you!

    Please join us for our Opening Night of the exhibition on September 7th at Bridgeport Arts Center. This really would not be happening without your support!

    Sending LOVE!

    Update 3: A Big Success!
    Posted on September 10, 2019

    Tres Fridas opening night was Saturday and it was such a big success thanks to generous donors like you! Please visit the exhibit before it closes on September 22nd!

    Check out this great recap from ABC Chicago

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