Crowdfunding with a Match

3AP (3Arts Projects) is a unique crowdfunding platform with a built-in match that helps Chicago artists finance new creative work.
3Arts matches 1/3 of each project goal, charges no fees to artists, and offers mentoring and technical support.
3Arts will match your support!
  • Lives: Visible

    • $5,824 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 116% funded

    A box of lesbians. That’s how I think of the trove of over 2000 snapshots that are the heart of my new film, Lives:Visible. The photographs were taken by two lesbians - Norma and Virginia - who lived together …

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  • The Scarlet "S"

    • $5,000 raised of $3,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 167% funded

    The Scarlet “S” is an original, ensemble-devised play and extended community project that uses theatre arts to address the prevalence of sexual violence in our society, and to eliminate notions that this violence is an acceptable or “normal” part of …

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  • Ghost Trees Project

    • $1,911 raised of $1,800 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 106% funded

    For as long as I can remember, I have drawn inspiration from the beauty and magnificence of the natural world. With my Ghost Trees project, I have an opportunity to make and exhibit a series of new ceramic, sculptural, and …

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  • Compass

    • $5,120 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 102% funded

    My project, Compass, will be a music album of vibrant new works for piano, harpsichord, and clavichord, written by young composers from Chicago and abroad. As a pianist specializing in contemporary music, I am drawn to the work of emerging …

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    • $5,473 raised of $4,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 137% funded

    Naledge is Power: The Social Work of Hip-Hop is a music compilation, book, and film project that examines hip-hop culture and its impact on African American youth in Chicago.

    One part educational and one part entertainment, this multi-sensory project will …

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  • Still Life with Drumming

    • $5,377 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 108% funded

    Still Life with Drumming is a new dance-play that tells the story of the everyman in her/his struggle to continue dancing through life and reconciling age with artistic desire, the desire to move and be moved. I am excited to …

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  • The Tramp Project

    • $5,265 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 105% funded

    Working with James Agee’s 1947 script, The Tramp’s New World, which was originally written for Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp character, this new project addresses my interest in the congruity of performance and its documentation as an intersection for aesthetic practice.

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  • Imposter/Contained

    • $3,857 raised of $3,500 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 110% funded

    The Imposter Series is a collaborative performance vehicle that engages audiences with dialogue, choice and experimental practice.  

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  • ri’flekSHens in 6

    • $3,030 raised of $3,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 101% funded

    ri’flekSHens in 6, my first evening-length work, is an introspective exploration of the relationship between fathers and daughters. The work will explore the effects absent fathers, either physically and emotionally, can have on their daughters and expressed through virtuosic …

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  • La Habana

    • $8,862 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 177% funded

    La Habana is both a play with live music and film, as well as a documentary film that delves into the lives of the Caribbean Latino immigrants that came to Chicago in the 1960s. La Habana is inspired by interviews …

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