Crowdfunding with a Match

3AP (3Arts Projects) is a unique crowdfunding platform with a built-in match that helps Chicago artists finance new creative work.
3Arts matches 1/3 of each project goal, charges no fees to artists, and offers mentoring and technical support.
3Arts will match your support!
  • Voyagers

    • $3,187 raised of $3,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 106% funded

    Commissioned by Harold Arts Residency, "Voyagers" will be a new large-scale sculpture involving the conversion and relocation of a 28-foot boat into an artist space and living quarters set amongst the towering trees of the residency property. 

    Read more about Voyagers
  • Rite of Trans-Mortality

    • $1,727 raised of $1,500 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 115% funded

    An ambitious multimedia installation, "Rite of Trans-Mortality" explores themes of life/death cycles and will be part of two new exhibition opportunities. 

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    • $3,075 raised of $3,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 102% funded

    The Accidental Shakespeare Company is a new classical theater company in Chicago, aiming to kick off its season with a mainstage show of "The Tempest."

    Read more about The Accidental Shakespeare Company's Alchemy Punk Tempest
    • $6,030 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 121% funded

    Many years in the making, this project will preserve and share traditional musical concepts of Geisha music from Japan, by finishing and distributing a professional CD recording. 

    Read more about TOYOAKIMOTO: Re-constructing Tokyo geisha music
  • the Franklin

    • $2,437 raised of $2,150 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 113% funded

    Inspired by Chicago's alternative gallery scene, this project aims to give The Franklin a permanent home by relocating and installing this outdoor exhibition space in the backyard of our house located in the Garfield Park neighborhood. 

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    • $4,459 raised of $3,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 149% funded

    Reflecting a lively, local resurgence of bomba, or Afro-Puerto Rican music and dance, this project will produce a film documenting bomba's historical and contemporary relevance. 

    Read more about UN ARBOL QUE ME DE SOMBRA: Bomba in Chicago 2011-2012
  • The Balancing Arab

    • $6,370 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 127% funded

    A new theatrical piece and video play in one, "The Balancing Arab" explores tensions that exist between political cultures and the pitfalls of messaging that gets either lost in translation or stranded in context. 

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  • When it Rains, it Pours

    • $2,590 raised of $2,500 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 104% funded

    After a destructive rainstorm damaged the majority of my artwork, I am raising funds to help produce new work that will be featured in two solo exhibition opportunities at prestigious galleries in Chicago. 

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