Artist Council

Artists are at the core of all of our work, not just as recipients of awards or fellowships, but as decision-makers and advisors. In 2018, we established an inaugural Artist Council, an esteemed group of artists representing multiple disciplines within the 3Arts network. In addition to providing feedback on our programs and policies, Council members serve on an annual jury panel for 3AP (3Arts Projects).

Members of the 2021 3Arts Artist Council:

Dee Alexander

Dee Alexander, vocalist and 2012 3Arts/Southwest Airlines Awardee

Matt Bodett

Matt Bodett, visual artist and recipient of a 2017 3Arts Residency Fellowship at UIC

Richard Costes

Richard Costes, theater artist, accessibility consultant, and 2019 3Arts/Walder Foundation awardee

Stephanie Diaz

Stephanie Diaz, actor, puppetry artist, and 2019 3Arts/SIF Fund at the Chicago Community Foundation Awardee

William Estrada

William Estrada, multidisciplinary artist and 2016 3Arts Community Awardee

Ayriole Frost

Ayriole Frost, composer, performer, teacher, and 2017 3Arts/Samuel G. Roberson Jr. Awardee

Emjoy Gavino

Emjoy Gavino, actor, casting director, teaching artist, and 2020 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee

Meida Teresa McNeal

Meida Teresa McNeal, performance maker and 2017 3Arts Awardee

Andy Slater

Andy Slater, sound artist, performer, disability advocate, and recipient of a 2018 3Arts Residency Fellowship at UIC